Teaching Kids Healthy Eating Habits Starts Early

Teaching Kids Healthy Eating Habits Starts Early

Remember the time when you had serious problems with the food your child wanted and didn’t want to eat? You’ve read all the books on toddler nutrition, the rules, tips and tricks on making your child actually love broccoli, right? However, things didn’t work out in practice. This is why you had to break some rules and make your own. Can you come up with more rules worth breaking? Read on.

1. Keeping it natural

Your child will acquire the eating habits until the early age of two, perhaps even earlier. From the moment when your child can eat the half-boiled food, start offering a choice of vegetables. Keep it natural. You don’t want your child to eat the ready-made blended vegetables in plastic bottles, do you? These products are often full of salt and sugar. Instead, make small portions of fresh blended vegetables for your little ones.

2. Getting rid of your fears

What’s the number one fear among parents? Eating habits and eating-related diseases. If you have a toddler, simply offer healthy food. Don’t force your child. Listen to your child. You will quickly notice that your child loves to make the choice. You have surely made the well-known rookie mistake: you offered your child a chocolate because you wanted to award him / her for eating some fruit earlier. This is a rule worth breaking. Encourage him / her to pick vegetables from the shelves and promise to eat together. Point out the diversity of colors, explaining that each color represents the other type of food needed by the body to grow.

3. Keeping snacks and “harmful” food out of the child’s reach

If chips, chocolate or cakes are on the table in your living room, would you blame your child for wanting to eat it? Each time your child wants to grab the thing which is in front of his nose and you prevent him from doing it, you just make things worse, don’t you? Seasonal fruit should always be on the table, washed and ready for consumption.

4. Having fun with your child in the kitchen

Did you notice that kids often say that their most beautiful memories are those of cooking with their parents, picking fruit and vegetables from the garden? I remember my kids loved spending time with me in the kitchen. We cooked for real, but we played in the same time. Spend some time in a natural environment and allow your child to prepare the food with you. Trust me, your little one will eat everything you prepare together with joy.

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