Make Sure You and Your Family Eat Healthy

With modern grocery stores you have an endless array of food choices, both healthy and not so healthy choices.  It’s this same variety of food choices and this is contributing to the problem of obesity and obesity is a problem to our health care system.  So how do you choose the right foods and make sure you and your family eat healthy?  Let’s get started.

Get Rid of all the Junk Food in the House

Imagine sitting in front of the TV late at night and you have the munchies, that’s a familiar scenario for many of us.  But if you have a cupboard full of potato chips and chocolate bars then that is what you’re going to eat.  Instead fill the fridge and cupboards with healthy snacks, you can use vegetable sticks, fruit or nuts instead.  Here is some help on kicking the junk food habit.

Stop Working at the Kitchen Table

We are all guilty of this, you bring work your home from the office and you fire up the laptop at the kitchen table.  That tempts you into working at mealtimes, this is a habit you need to break.  First shut down the laptop and focus on what you’re eating.  When you are distracted you overeat and you can be tempted into eating the wrong foods just because it is convenient.  No matter how much work you have to do, put the laptop away at mealtimes and move your laptop into your office or the living room.

Stop the Blame Game

There will be birthdays, celebrations and other occasions where you fall off the healthy food bandwagon.  Deal with it!  One mistake doesn’t mean you have keep making it.  Move on and get back on track.  Embrace the occasions where you can indulge your sweet tooth and the next day get back to eating healthy.

Pack a Lunch

Packing a lunch for work means that you’re not running out at lunch time and grabbing a hamburger or some other bad food.  Making lunch everyday may seem like the most tedious thing ever, so get creative.  When you make evening meals make enough for lunch the next day.  Plan your meals a week ahead of time so that you don’t have to stress during the week.  Make sure that you bring snacks so that you don’t hit the vending machine at 3 in the afternoon.  Use your breaks and lunches to get some exercise.

When it is mealtimes take the time to sit down and chew your food, don’t race through the meal and don’t be distracted by work, the TV or your smartphone.  When you eat your food slowly and chew your food thoroughly it helps you feel full faster and eat better food.